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We have a R&D team that is nearly 50 people, and our customers are in various industries all over the world , so we have accumulated a lot of practical experience. At the same time, we are one of the same scale high-tech enterprises who integrate the design of mass production of power cells, battery systems and matching systems in the industry

We have established the complete R&D system and can carry out independent development and design according to customer request. We have not only mastered the core technology of battery cell production, but also the battery PACK technology, and always have the advanced technology and production technology in the lithium-ion battery industry.


In 2007, we set up a project to research and develop lithium iron phosphate batteries. For 14 years, we have adhered to the perseverance of craftsmanship and gradually developed various products that meet the demand of domestic and foreign markets, and have been mass-produced so far.

For many years, we have always adhered to the lithium iron phosphate technology route, and have a clearer understanding of the performance and application of lithium iron phosphate batteries than our peers. This ensures the company's forward-looking technical route and has successfully developed consumer electronics and electronic tags. , Industrial accessories, household energy storage, photovoltaic energy storage, communication energy storage, power electric batteries and other products.





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