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Quality Assurance

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Mottcell has established a complete ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 and IATF16949 quality, environment, occupational health and safety management system, and we have passed the strict audit procedures of international famous brands, and become high-quality suppliers of BYD, Benchmark, Jiawei, Duracell, Flex International, China Tower, China Southern Power Grid, ZTE, Ruiming Video and other industry giants.

Products from Mottcell are rigorously tested, and keeping a record. All elements are checked to ensure they meet relevant specifications. Component suppliers must provide a certificate of compliance and archive it at each shipment .All battery packs undergo a final inspection before packaging. Save records of each battery, including battery pack information, welding tensile test data, charge and discharge test data, and other key information.

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Battery Testing and Quality Control:

Mottcell performed first and on-line tests based on the complexity of the battery. Each battery was tested 100% functional prior to final shipment. The test includes the capacity of the battery, internal resistance, tensile test of wires and connectors, charging/discharging system test, vibration test, drop test, shell waterproof rating test, and etc. In particular, with batteries containing smart communication software, we have added real tests to ensure that the battery can fully cooperate with the system. 

There's a final QC check before shipments. 

Supplier management

• Samples test

• Trial delivery

• Supplier check

• Supplier study


• Ship report

• Inspection of incoming

• Material test

• Ship management


• Feed (IQA)

• Tooling (PQA)

• Plate (PQA)

• Assembly (PQA)

• Liquid (PQA)

• Aging (PQA)

• Configulation (PQA)

• Pack (FQA)

• Ship (OQA)

Ship check

• Lot ship check

• Package check


• Cycle test

• Over charge and discharge test

• Rate test

• Short circuit

• High-low tem test

• Heat hit test

• High tem storage test

• Hit test

• Press test

• Heat impact cycle

• Drop test

• High tem and high mumidity

• Puncture test




Quality Assurance



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