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Medical and Military Battery

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Medical and Military Battery

Customized Small Battery ,Larger Battery ,Medical battery,Army Battery....

ModelVoltage(V)Capacity (mAh)  TypeDownload
ICR3.7V  With Cable And BMS3.7VCustomizedNCM Battery(图1)
ICR7.4V  With Cable And BMS7.4VCustomizedNCM Battery(图1)
ICR11.1V With Cable And BMS11.1VCustomizedNCM Battery(图1)
ICR14.8V With Cable And BMS14.8VCustomizedNCM Battery(图1)
ICR22.2V With Cable And BMS22.2VCustomizedNCM Battery(图1)
ICR37V With Cable And BMS37VCustomizedNCM Battery(图1)
ICR48.1V With Cable And BMS48.1VCustomizedNCM Battery(图1)
ICR74V With Cable And BMS74VCustomizedNCM Battery(图1)
IFR3.2V  With Cable And BMS3.2VCustomizedLFP Battery(图1)
IFR6.4V  With Cable And BMS6.4VCustomizedLFP Battery(图1)
IFR9.6V  With Cable And BMS9.6VCustomizedLFP Battery(图1)
IFR12.8V With Cable And BMS12.8VCustomizedLFP Battery(图1)
IFR19.2V With Cable And BMS19.2VCustomizedLFP Battery(图1)
IFR22.4V With Cable And BMS22.4VCustomizedLFP Battery(图1)
IFR25.6V With Cable And BMS25.6VCustomizedLFP Battery(图1)
IFR38.4V With Cable And BMS38.4VCustomizedLFP Battery(图1)
IFR48V With Cable And BMS48VCustomizedLFP Battery(图1)
IFR51.2V With Cable And BMS51.2VCustomizedLFP Battery(图1)
IFR73.6V With Cable And BMS73.6VCustomizedLFP Battery(图1)

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